Taking Our Music to New Heights

It feels good to be back with our new True Witness website, writing to all of our extended True Witness family out there. We have been in a time of transition; a time of refocusing ourselves as musicians as well as people. A lot of this time has been spent […]

Working on Song #1

We have been hard at work on the title track for our upcoming new album, “I Have Arrived”. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long to hear the final version of the song. During the studio process for the song, we hve been burning the midnight oil to […]

Back In The Studio

True Witness Studio

Playing our music LIVE for people is one of the greatest aspects for us being a band. But before we can strap on our instruments and hit the road to visit all of our TW family, we have to create new music. And that begins in the studio. So we […]