Taking Our Music to New Heights

It feels good to be back with our new True Witness website, writing to all of our extended True Witness family out there. We have been in a time of transition; a time of refocusing ourselves as musicians as well as people. A lot of this time has been spent in the Studio, working on new music. And although we love the creative process of writing new music, the purpose of our music to share it with all of you, and so therefore, as we get closer to the finish line of our recording season, we are ramping up to take this new music on the road so we can share it with all of you.

We love the road. We love the experience. But most of all, we love you…the people. Sharing the journey of a song is one thing — that is what the studio process is all about. But sharing in the journey of life’s struggles is what being on the road as a band is all about. Yes, we are a band, but that does not negate us from being normal people just like everyone else. We are fighting the fight. We are running the race. And we allow all of those moments — both the good and the bad — to overflow from our heart and into our songs. So when you see True Witness in concert, you will see a high-energy performace, but what you will see the most — the breath between each heartbeat — is a group of misfits looking to spread love and truth into every nook and corner of this existence. And let’s be honest, there seems to be a shortage of love and truth in the world these days.

So in this new touring season…(and we will be posting new tour dates in the very near future)…True Witness strives to soar out of the grey of life, and into the black and white of reality. This new group of songs promises to be more than an album of music, but rather the mighty wings of an honest heart that looks to swoop through this land with a rhythm forged in love and freedom. We hope to see you all on road as this new touring season unfolds.

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